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Month: July, 2012

The man with a friendly smile

Maybe once a year I fly out of the New Orleans airport and have been doing so for around 5 years.  The screener that checks IDs has a wonderful smile and I had remembered him from previous flights. Anyway I mentioned to Jen that I recognized him and she replied with something along the lines of “Really? How often do you fly?” I proceeded forward and handed the man my ticket and ID. He looked at me, then my ID, then back me and and the following exchange occurred:

Him: “You must travel a lot.”
Me: “Why do you say that?”
Him: “You look familiar.”
Me: “About once a year and it’s nice to see you again.”

To this he replied with that wonderful smile and I was on my way. The whole thing made me laugh for some reason and it really makes me appreciate small airports and friendly people.

Photo by: Max Trombly

When I first met Annie and learned what she did for a living, I was humbled. She teaches a classroom full of exceptional children with very specific needs. They span every level of cognitive understanding and yet she keeps them together in one classroom. Annie is also a mother, an artist (constantly creating the most […]

an honest portrait.

Creating a successful portrait, to me, is to create a portrait of someone during a moment of which they are most honestly portraying a part of themselves. Maybe with confidence, maybe showing vulnerability, sometimes a portrait shows a deeper, more long standing version of a person, but other times it can show a person in a moment of stark contrast to their typical character. Moments such as these, are by no means, incorrect, or dishonest, we are truly diverse people having different sides to our personalities.

If there’s one side to a personality I like to capture more than any other, it’s a passive and content happiness in which a person is visibly relaxed and comfortable. Not with an overly ripe smile, but instead a peaceful state most evident by a release of tension often held in eyes and a persons face.

It’s such a soft place to be, so easily affected by shifts in emotion brought on by any influence.

I’d like to become a master at giving people a place to exist, even for a moment, in this state. At this point, I’d imagine it may take an entire lifetime to get there, but I truly don’t know. I’m only just beginning to understand what it takes to allow people to exist within this place.

It’s amazing. Truly.