day dreaming…

I dream of owning a farm..

a place where I can wake up, drink coffee and take care of a field full of food..
a place where our animals can run free and enjoy the company of goats, chickens, sheep, (outdoor) cats, and rescued boarder collies..

I dream of a place where I can look across the dinner table and thank my wife for helping me create a personal heaven.
I dream of a home that my children can grow up understanding how important animals and plants are to our health..
I dream of a little piece of earth, where I can live a life I am proud of…

fueled in part by hard work and labor and in other ways such as income from photography and the passion of my heart..

At age 40 I want to be able to take a deep breath and say.. We’ve done it…
by age 45 I want my kids to either be building dirt jumps for bikes or enjoying any outdoor actitivity, as long as they’re not glued to a TV playing video games all day..
by 50.. I want to be able to look back on the last 20 years and feel like I’ve contributed passionately to hundreds of peoples lives in ways that only they and I can feel and understand..

I don’t want to change the world..

I just want to create my own.. and feel proud that I was able to..

when I’m 60 I want to be able to look across the table at Jen and say.. “We’ve done it” as our children begin creating their own families and we continue to do what we love, creating art, listening to music, and growing our own food.

then whatever happens 60+ I’ll consider a blessing and just a beautiful life..

that’s my timeline.. and I’ve been sticking to it since I was 15.. with 25 and 33 being the first deadlines..

I’m 32 as of a few days ago.. and it’s working out just fine.