Hi. I’m Max. I hope that we’ve met, but in case we haven’t, I’ll do my best to introduce myself here.  I’m a lover of life.  Music and photography are two easy ways to get to my heart (my girlfriend Jen has a monopoly on the most direct route).  I am a passionate photographer and I am more than happy to share my love for the art of photography with anyone.  I’m also passionate about good food, no.. GREAT food.  There’s very little in life that beats sharing a good meal with a loved one, family, or a group of good friends.

Welcome to my blog! If you’d like to find more info about my work or anything else the following links should be of some help:

My facebook: www.facebook.com/mtrombly

Jen and I have a boudoir, beauty and fine art photography business that you can find here: www.breathlessboudoir.com

If you would like to send me an email I can be reached at max@mtrombly.com