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Why I love New Orleans

New Orleans truly leads the nation in nighttime entertainment. Live music can be found everywhere and of a caliber that really means you can walk into any bar and find high quality and enjoyable music, no matter your interests.

This is not exclusive to clubs either. Here’s a typical scene (and by typical I mean I’ve seen this band play so many times now.. just walking down the street, or others like them)

This is the caliber of street musicians here in New Orleans.. Everyday…

Here’s Tuba Skinny with “Papa’s got the bathwater on” recorded live on what might be Royal street, in New Orleans one sunny afternoon.

Tuba Skinny – “Papa’s got the bathwater on”

Music that makes my heart sing, vol. 2

Peter Bradley Adams.

A fantastic find, thanks to Pandora Radio! How I’ve never heard this guy before is beyond me, he’s got 4 albums!
I came across Peter yesterday and his voice is simply beautiful. Such soulful songs.

Here’s a live performance of The Longer I run, from a radio show, I hope you enjoy it!

Peter Bradley Adams with “The Longer I run”

Music makes my heart sing, vol. 1

I love music.

Music has been at the very core of my existence since I was young boy. I played piano, drums, more piano, then as a teenager I picked up a guitar, started bands, played in bands for over 11 years, owned a recording studio for 4 years with my closest friends, and to this day I am constantly looking for new music that just moves my soul.

This begins a series of posts that, for now, I will call “Music makes my heart sing” and each of these posts will have some beautiful finds that I’m currently enjoying. I’ll aim for 4 or 5 songs, we’ll see how it works out.

For this first installment, here are a few that are grouped by “seductive, sensual, sexy” and inspired by the grey, slow, rainy day that we’ve got here in Southern Louisiana today.

Stateless – Bloodstream
His vocals, the slow, sexy as hell, melodies. This song is just…  well, it’s pure sensuality.  Jen told me to look this one up while she was on a road trip, suppose she found it on pandora.  What an awesome find!

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus
This one simply has no parallel, Massive Attack is one of Jen and I’s favorite musica groups. The actual video for this song is definetly Not Safe For Work (NSFW) so I will link a different link just in case you don’t want folks wondering what on earth you’re watching.

Fiona Apple – The First Taste
This song has been on my “night list”, for late night listening for years.  A classic Fiona track.

Portishead – Roads
I first heard this song during the dry shower scene in the movie Tank Girl.  That scene and that song stuck with me like a strong memory and every time I hear this song, I picture white powder falling from a shower head in a dark room.

(and here’s the scene from the movie, but the song was sped up for the film.)

That will be all for today. Hope you enjoy the recommendations! Feel free to leave a comment with other suggestions for anything that falls under the “sexy songs for a rainy day” category.