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Photo by: Max Trombly

When I first met Annie and learned what she did for a living, I was humbled. She teaches a classroom full of exceptional children with very specific needs. They span every level of cognitive understanding and yet she keeps them together in one classroom. Annie is also a mother, an artist (constantly creating the most […]

Photo by: Max Trombly

  Lex is awesome. Here is a selection of photographs from a recent portrait and fine art session that we shot at the studio.

Photo by: Max Trombly

Danielle is a very close friend of mine. I adore sharing her kitchen with her as we are both passionate about the food that we create.  A woman of many talents, she is also a nutrition specialist, a fantastic drummer, a fire performer and as of lately, a wonderful muse to work with while I […]

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Recently, I began to focus on more simple portraiture. Aiming toward finding deeper connections with those I photograph and allowing those photographs to simply say more. These photos are from the beginning of this period of change within my work. I am excited to watch my work evolve over the coming year. I took a […]